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Hiya! I’m Alison.

I’m a smart girl who dropped out of university to work harder as a barmaid in the hopes of becoming one of the best and climb the ladder until I’m an owner of my own bar. Mightnt sound that smart right? I know. Oh and then of course the pandemic hit and I’ve found myself with a year out of work so far. So with that I decided to enroll in a few online courses, such as, the science of well being, introduction to psychology and psychiatry of mental health disorders. It’s taken me 8 years of dealing with the public at their worst and at their best to realise I really just want to be able to get on with the people around me. Starting with a chat.


Your impact on people is alot bigger than you think! Do what you enjoy and Be kind.

Thanks so much for stopping here. I’ll try make it worth while!

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I discovered quickly in life to do what makes you happy. But I discovered even quicker that there will always be things trying to prevent that. The trick is not to let them.

I was given the best childhood(and adulthood) from my parents. But you can never be shielded from the world. An issue might be tiny for you but it could be detrimental for someone else. Things may be great in your life but that’s not always the case for the next person. I was exposed to that fact at a young age. When times get tough, realise in that moment what you have going good and be grateful for that.

Find what makes you happy and hold on tight wether that’s a job, a hobby or even a person. Live your life the way you choose and don’t feel like you ever need to explain why.

Different Day – Different Picture

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